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The Kengo Kumas National Stadium comprise an oval, wooden-lattice structure beautifully wrapped by plants. This is to complement its woodland
Museum atelier
Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet Location: Switzerland Designer: BIG Bjarke Ingel’s firm BIG has an array of projects due to reach
Los Angeles
The sinuous building is designed to echo the shape of sand dunes to help the structure withstand extreme weather conditions
Border of white mountain-like towers that surround a “village-like community” of smaller buildings, green spaces and elevated pathways makes this
The concrete tower is a 20-storey building and will contain 20 luxury apartments fronted by curved balconies filled with hanging
Touring just to see magnificent and giant buildings is an exceptional hobby for me. In the world today, there are
Six ways you can Give your house a fine touch
Certainly, there is a feel of comfort and relaxation that is unavoidable when you walk into a good looking home.
Did you just secure that dream apartment for yourself or family? Or are you planning to get one for yourself
The challenge of choosing the best location to live is one that ridicules around singles and families today. Ranging from
Real Estate Investment in Landed properties is one of the Fastest paying and advisable Investment strategies today. Eagle-Eyed inventors within


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